Natural Gas Trucking

Many sources of natural gas are shut-in and abandoned because the economics simply do not justify their development.  In some cases, access to public transmission lines may be limited by distance or local geography.  In other cases, the need for additional processing to being the gas up to pipeline quality standards may be a factor.  While many industrial applications can utilize gas that does not meet these strict standards, the distance to the nearest such industrial consumer may not justify the cost of laying a direct pipeline.  In such cases, transporting the gas by truck may provide a solution.

Natural gas in volumes as low as 500,000 cubic feet per day can be moved economically by truck within a 60-mile radius of the source.  The typical system built by Tucker Gas Processing Equipment, Inc. is designed to handle twice that much.  (Depending on a number of variables, the transport of two to three million cubic feet per day is possible.)

In our system,

the gas first passes through a compression and dehydration station.  After odorization, the gas is metered and loaded under pressure onto tube trailers.  When the trailers arrive at the customer site, the gas is unloaded through a delivery terminal (provided by TGPE) where the pressure is reduced and controlled to meet the customer's requirements.

Natural Gas Trucking can offer several benefits.  Gas reserves that once lay stranded or undeveloped being to generate a revenue stream.  Since the gas does not enter the public transmission lines, processing costs may be reduced.  Depending on the actual gas analysis and customer requirements, additional processing may not even be necessary.  Because the gas is being sold directly for industrial use, attractive pricing packages can be offered to prospective buyers.

If you have a source of natural gas that holds untapped potential, we invite you to contact us by phone or email.