Natural Gas Liquids Recovery

Natural Gas Liquids Recovery refers to the process of removing and gathering ethane, propane, butane and other heavier hydrocarbon products from natural gas.  The process is often used to reduce a gas stream's BTU value to meet pipeline tariff requirements while removing excess liquids that may condense and cause problems in transmission.  The liquids are recovered as a y-grade mix that is accumulated in a tank on site and later trucked to a refinery for fractionation into its sale able hydrocarbon components.  The end result is a gas stream that meets pipeline quality standards with the benefit of a by-product which provides additional revenue for the producer.

Tucker Gas Processing Equipment Inc. can provide NGL Recovery plants to process gas volumes ranging from 150,000 to 5 or 10 million cubic feet per day.  An amine unit can be added to the plant for removing carbon dioxide.  If gas analysis indicates high concentrations of nitrogen, an NGL Recovery plant can easily be integrated into a Nitrogen Rejection System.  In addition to the design and manufacture of equipment, TGPE can also provide processing services to its customers.  For details on working arrangements offered by Tucker Gas Processing Equipment Inc. see Funding Alternatives.